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OGE who was born crippled and ADA who has cataract that was poorly managed till she got blind are both orphan sisters whose parents had money before thier demise. They were left under the care of thier fathers sister ANTY MARIA and her only daughter NONYE who is a rotten tomato but appears to be holy only in the presence of her mother because Ada and oge have seen her for who she truly is and on that note she pins every one of her mischief on them and of course her mother always believes her feigned innocence. Mother and daughter takes every opportunity to suffer these girls despite living lavish with the wealth of oge and Ada’s parents.Nonye plotted a well calculated lie against both girls that almost led to their exit from their fathers house permanently..did they succeed in sending the girls away?? Is there light at the end of the tunnel for both girls??? Watch as this family story takes us on an emotional roller coaster!

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Cast:  Angel Unigwe, Ifeoma Nebe, Adaeze Philo, Donald Ukagwu, Uchechi Treasure

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